WAPHC Donates $4,500 to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation

On February 25, 2003 The Washington Area Parrot Head Club donated $4,500 to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. The money was raised during our our annual New Year's Eve Cruise on the Potomac aboard the Cherry Blossom. Click here to read the article on the CBF web site.

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Pictured from left to right are Ed Allenby, Vice President of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Carlos Tramontana and Lu Cousins, WAPHC event committee directors, and Mike Lindsay, WAPHC president.

We are excited to announce the Washington Area Parrot Head Club's donation of $4,500 to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, given yesterday at their headquarters in Annapolis, MD. The donation represents proceeds raised from the Club's Tropical Voyage 2003 New Year's Eve Cruise, held on the Potomac River in Alexandria, VA, which was attended by over 230 members and friends. Events Coordinators Carlos Tramontana, Lu Cousins and I were on hand to present a check to CBF Vice President Edward Allenby who was most gracious in thanking everyone involved with the donation and the event.

Carlos, Lu and I joined CBF representatives Ed Allenby, Amy Drago, and Tracy Ramsey for lunch and a meeting, during which we discussed the mission and activities of each of our organizations. We were also treated to a tour of their beautiful environment-friendly headquarters building, which opened in 2001. The facility, constructed from more recycled or recyclable materials than any building of its size in the country, was built from privately-raised funds on the shore of the Bay south of downtown Annapolis. WAPHC is excited to support CBF to further their environmental protection and educations missions, and to raise awareness of what citizens and businesses can do to reduce nitrogen and chemical pollution throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed, which extends from western Virginia to upstate New York. We are also proud to count our Club among the many premier organizations in the region (including the Chesapeake Parrot Head Club) whose support are critical to furthering CBF's goal to raise the quality of botanical and marine life in the Chesapeake Bay in this decade.

Carlos, Lu, and all of us on the Club's Board wish to thank our members, our friends, the bands Key Lime Pie and Small Town, Charlotte Hall and the Potomac Riverboat Company, Mike Anderson and the staff of Mango Mike's Cool Caribbean Café, and Michael Price and the staff of the Sheraton Suites Hotel in Alexandria. We look forward to seeing many of you on July 4 for our Patriot Cruise!

Let the good times roll...let the fun begin!

Michael Lindsay
WAPHC President