WAPHC goes to Meeting of the Minds 1999 -- Oct 20 - 24, 1999

Read all about MOTM '99 by clicking here

robally_tn.jpg 2.8K
"This doesn't suck."

crips_tn.jpg 2.8K
The WAPHC is an equal opportunity club

group1_tn.jpg 3.1K
Mike, Rock, Glenda, & Chris posing for a Kodak moment

group2_tn.jpg 3.2K
Capt Tony's ruled!

meandjim_tn.jpg 2.1K
Kenny & Jimmy (Ok, so it's Jim Sullivan, winner of the Jimmy look-a-like contest.)

group3_tn.jpg 2.8K
Kenny, Allyson, Rob, & Rock relax in Capt Tony's

darryl_tn.jpg 2.3K
Darryl, Ken, & Chris. Darryl is TRIAD parrothead club's own Buffett performer!

group4_tn.jpg 3.1K
Me and some of "my people" :)

jackson1_tn.jpg 2.6K
Jackson Quigley posing with Kenny & Rob

tonyglenda_tn.jpg 2.4K
Capt Tony is coppin' a feel from Glenda

mvillereceipt_tn.jpg 2.4K
Should've never went shopping at Margaritaville with that morning leftover buzz...

drag1_tn.jpg 2.1K
Fantasy Fest is starting to kick in...

jimmycontest_tn.jpg 2.8K
The winner of the Jimmy look-alike-contest relishing his 15 minutes.

chrishotel_tn.jpg 2.5K
Chris really knows how to pick her hotels. Guess the Ritz Carlton was booked.

meandrob_tn.jpg 2.8K
Just happy to be here

tony_tn.jpg 2.7K
Capt Tony autographing a picture of me and Capt Tony. Get it?

sillyjilly_tn.jpg 2.7K
Rock, Silly Jilly, & Kenny

cutoff_tn.jpg 2.8K
All right bartender -- Cut them off!

elvis_tn.jpg 2.9K
At least Elvis showed up! (cause Jimmy didn't!)

miketony_tn.jpg 2.6K
Mike & Capt Tony

sunset_tn.jpg 1.8K
The Key West Sunset

sunset2_tn.jpg 2.0K
Mike enjoying the Key West Sunset

trini1_tn.jpg 2.9K
Club Trini's back in town!