WAPHC goes to see Peter Mayer & Co @ the Shark Club in Centreville VA, June 11 1999

peterm_tn.jpg 3.0K
Kenny, Peter Mayer, and Alice

kka_tn.jpg 2.6K
Kenny, Karen, & Alice enjoying the show

fingers_tn.jpg 2.7K
Fingers showed up for a while!

rocktina_tn.jpg 2.9K
Think Rock is happy to be here?

tinaka_tn.jpg 2.5K
Tina was the coolest!

fishtank_tn.jpg 2.1K
Where are the sharks?

group1_tn.jpg 2.6K
WAPHC table

tinaticket_tn.jpg 2.4K
Tina is picking a winning ticket for the raffle

pmband1_tn.jpg 2.5K
A really bad picture of the Peter, Jim, & Tina

pmband2_tn.jpg 2.6K
Another really bad picture of Peter, Jim, & Tina

group3_tn.jpg 2.4K
WAPHC poses with Tina

limo_tn.jpg 2.5K
Going to the Shark Club in style!