WAPHC Goes Tubing June/July 1999

group1_tn.jpg 2.9K
Stopping for a rest on an island

lotsoftubs_tn.jpg 2.6K
Invasion of the tubers! I'll bet the water around here is really warm. :)

hippos_tn.jpg 3.1K
Look at all the "Shenandoah Hippos" (aka cows) in the background.

kbj_tn.jpg 2.3K
Tubing is just sooo stressful

kelly_tn.jpg 2.3K
Kelly looks pretty stressed out as well

amy_tn.jpg 2.4K
Amy poses in front of the beautiful Shenandoah River scenery

bob_tn.jpg 2.5K
Bob didn't let his cooler get too far away

relax_tn.jpg 2.5K
Soaking up a few rays on the rocks

groupshot_tn.jpg 2.8K
Yet another group shot on our island